The best way to connect with others at The River is to join a Rooted group!


Rooted is a 10-week journey to get you connected to God, the church, and discovering your purpose. It’s not just another study or curriculum. It’s a way to meet people and grow through deep conversations and learn about the spiritual rhythms of how Jesus lived His life.


Rooted is for everyone – the person who has never been to church and the one who has been in church their whole life. All are welcome!!!


Rooted is the doorway into our community. These groups meet for 10 weeks with the intention of the group members continuing on into a community groups that operates by the same rhythms learned in your 10 weeks of Rooted.


During your time in Rooted, you will have the opportunity to ask hard questions, learn from other people in the group, and share your story and perspective. You will find that you are not alone in the journey of learning to follow Jesus. Rooted is a safe place for everyone.

WHAT to expect?

10 weeks of group time. Groups consist of about 8-12 people. The groups are a safe place to ask questions, be real, and learn from one another.


There are 5 days of daily readings for each of the 10 weeks. It is a chance for you to read, reflect, journal, and write down questions. There is not a right way to do it, but it’s important to commit to the entire process with your group.


During Rooted you will get a chance to experience God through prayer, serving with your group, and then celebrating what has happened during the 10 weeks!

Don't be surprised if you make some life-long friends along the way!

make sure to sign up!

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are you coming with us?